Saturday, January 21

Lucas Pillman's Ecuador Encounters

Friends and Family:
I've come to the conclusion that God doesn't believe in Murphy's Law. There were many things that could have gone wrong on my trip down here and didn't. Even if I would have thought that something had gone less than perfect, I am still confident that God will work all things for good. But PTL, even from my short sighted perspective I could find no reason to think anything went wrong even for this novice traveler. My biggest source of concern (entering the country as an Ecuadorian without my American passport) was over in just a few minutes. A stamp, a sign, and I was on my way without a single question.
It was amazing to see the people God plopped into the seat next to me as well. People from all different roads of travel but in a very casual I was able to share the purpose of my trip and challenge them about their own purpose in life. One was a business lady in her early thirties who was interested in helping out the poor in many different parts of the earth but who saw no place for any work in the soul, and thought that just bettering the outward lives of people would create purpose for her life as well. And so since she brought it up we talked about it.
I must be hosted right now by one of the most gracious families in the country of Ecuador. He is the director of the school here and has two young children. Yes, Loida and Christian are just excellent little helpers when it comes to learning the language. Just imagine all I learn as I am shown the bird nest in the tree next door, the new little pet fish they caught in the river and play tic tac toe.
It appears that I will be helping out in the English department of the school in the next few days. I was talking with one of the teachers and she mentioned that she really has a heart for two of young teachers her who do not know the Lord. You can be in prayer that the contact that I have with them and others will be profitable.
I hope to get some pictures next time.
God's Servant
Lucas Pillman
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