Wednesday, January 18

Lucas Pillman's Ecuador Encouters

Dear Friends,

I have not even left the front door behind me yet and I already feel like I have been stretched in my faith and had a thorough taste of the paper work/bureaucracy dance. Let me explain. As most of you know, I will be traveling down to Ecuador for about three and a half months to learn Spanish for college credit and to minister in a church in the city of Cuenca. My plan was to travel down as an Ecuadorian citizen with an Ecuadorian passport and then return as an American with my American passport. Simple? Far from. First my American passport has taken over three weeks longer than they promised to get to me. Hence, I will be traveling down to Ecuador without out it at this time and have someone else bring it down to me at a future time. However, I have also been learning that Ecuador still has a mandatory military draft and that I will either have to start to practice my army salute in Spanish or I will have to work on getting exempted from the military once I am down there. For many reasons that shouldn't be much of a problem, but it still creates some additional paper work do complete well I am down there. This morning was spent trying to figure out exactly what would happen and what I would need when I get down to Ecuador and even if I should postpone my trip until I could get my American passport.

So where has the Lord been in all of this? First, I am extremely  thankful for many different people who have been there to give counsel and offer to help me out in this less than envious situation. Second, it also has been impressed upon me that try as hard as I can to make sure all my ducks are in a row, there comes a point when I just have to rely on Him to get me through. As many have reminded me, perhaps this will unexpectedly open up doors for me to share in some unexpected places. If nothing else, I have been humbled by the way many people have already stepped up to help and continue to offer to do so.

I appreciate your prayers.

God's Servant,
Lucas Pillman

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