Wednesday, January 18

State of the State: Embryo Stem Cells and Cherry Capital Dust Pills

I'm going to ask the state for a grant. It's a new research. The idea: carefully scrape dirt off of the furniture from inside the Guv's mansion (there should be plenty seeing all the scandals), add cherry flavoring to make it palatable, and test the pills to see if they could cure, oh I don't know...some emotionally charged disease like children's diabetes. You know it MAY just work. To boot I'm not killing anyone to do it. I know it has not been successful yet, but neither has embryonic stem cell research. So far its just grant grabbing scientists who paint world cures with killed children.

Check. Another browny point up for Doyle from the left who don't think there is any life until they can touch and feel you.


Dennis said...

Why do you suppose it is that diseases like polio are almost non-existent in this country while they're still prevalent in third-world nations? Duh. Because we decided as a society that there was a large price to be paid for letting people get sick and die. And thus, like any civilization, we banded together and pooled our resources, creating something larger than ourselves. Thus was born government funding for research, and it has been wildly successful by any measure (any measure, that is, except "I'm religious and I hate science.").

What really saddens me about your ranting Lucas is that all the while you claim to be a Christian. And you rant against a government that is attempting to express Christian values - care for each other, help the downtrodden, etc. You ignore the simple reality that across 2,000 years of Christianity, all the religious people in the world did not effectively deal with poverty, health issues, the list goes on and on. Church groups do some fine work, but they simply won't take care of the problems. It's not that they're incapable of it - they just don't care enough. They want to offer help only to those people who will join their religion. I personally feel there is a role for government to play, because government doesn't have to hold out the stick of a sermon to provide a helping hand to people. A truly Christian person, I think, should support that. We are a democracy. Our government should reflect our values. Maybe you could stop flogging gay marriage for a while and ask why our government allows children to go hungry and not access health care. Have you really ever thought about all that great stuff Christ said in the Bible? Or do you just want to find the parts of the Bible that separate us so you can get lower taxes?

Cory said...

Dennis -

Why do so many hospitals have Christian names: Good Samaritan, Christ Hospital, St. Luke's Hospital? I don't suppose the church had anything to do with caring for the sick, did it?

You speak about medical research to help the downtrodden. No one minds helping the downtrodden, but let's not create more victims in the name of medical research.

As for taxes, everyone in this country who earns, spends or invests money pays taxes at every stage. There is not a Christian exemption that I am aware of.