Wednesday, January 18

State of the State: Free Bread and Milk!

At the closing end of his spectacle speech Doyle figured that since he had already bestowed his fatherly care upon the incapable citizens of the state and given them free cradle to grave education and was working on health care he might as well throw in the bread the milk for good measure. After all he reasoned "every child deserves a great meal!" It would "go against the long held values of Wisconsin to see hard working middle class families have to file bankruptcy just to put the most basic needs of bread and milk on the table" Doyle concluded.


What was that I heard? A "click" of a campaign donation from his socialist base for this impressive offering?

....Oops, my appologies socialist readers, this post was suppose to be a joke, but the way he's moving if he gets voted in again we might just hear that in the state of the state next year. Ya know, free milk for all would be good for the farmers as well.