Wednesday, January 18

State of the State: Universal College Tuition

Here's your first college student to oppose it. When I first heard it I thought this would be for, you know, the top of the class. Those with a 4.00 GPA. Seems tho you only need to get a "B" to siphon public dollars for your own higher ed.

Could I have the governors ear? You can make it thru college by working. A little creativity and hard work is all you need. Indeed most students would do better working a bit part-time instead of haunting the bars full-time like most seem to do in our town. The more you realize personally the cost of education the more you will take advantage of it and be thankful for it. I know only too well.

Chalk up another browny point for Doyle from the left.

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Anonymous said...

Some college kids even learn how to spell "brownie".....