Wednesday, January 18

State of the State: Wal-Mart

Force Wal-mart to pay for medical insurance?

Let me just use my own personal experience. Like I've said before, I've worked at jobs that pay only minimum wage or close to. I know what it is like. I also realize how difficult it is for companies to hire people with all the regulations, requirements, and gov't hoops to hop through. For example, this last few weeks I was looking to work for about three weeks before I left on my trip. It was like trying to get a two-year-old to eat spinach. Who would ever want to hire someone with all the red tape they have to go through for just a few weeks. Now there were needs, and I did find some work from a friend, but I almost felt sorry for the gymnastics that had to be performed just to let me work for a few weeks. Why can't I negotiate my own wage? Why can't I decide if I want health care coverage form the state or Wal-Mart?

If Doyle wanted browny points from his base he probably got it for his Wal-Mart tax. But to think that he believes me uncabable of negotiating my own labor services at the expense of shrinking the job market is just sick. More than just sick, cumulitively all the job regulations probably cost me a short term work experience these last few weeks.


Dennis said...

Gee Lucas, for somebody that preaches non-stop about personal responsibility, you're sure quick to blame Governor Doyle for your problems.

The simple fact is that most companies wouldn't hire someone for three weeks because it's disruptive and incredibly inefficient and wasteful to bring someone onboard, train them (even for menial tasks) and then lose them before they even begin to contribute. And let's not even get started about the possibility that, gasp!, maybe you're just not that attractive an employment candidate. But gee, no, it must be the Democrat's fault.

And finally, might I mention that you're constantly posting your "evil government" diatribes using one of the government's most successful initiatives, the internet.

Marcus Aurelius said...


Do you deny that govt-mandated red tape has nothing to do with it?