Thursday, May 4

American Encouters Number 8

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm back safely home yesterday. However hard the parting might have been on the other end there is something special about being able to be home. God is good. As many of you know there was a small slip of paper that blocked my entry into the country on Tues. After securing the paper and changing my flight, I made an uneventful journey back home. The malfunction and emergency landing of a similar plane flying the same route from Huston to Minneapolis (see story here )  provides a good reminder that safety is nothing that can ever be taken for granted.

I would like to take this final letter to thank you all for your prayers and support of my trip down to Ecuador. It was an incredible time. I never expected all the open doors and unique opportunities that I was able to experience. The memories and friends will last a life time, but my prayer is that in some way the effect of this trip will last for eternity. In fact I know it will, because I was eternally blessed, and many of you were apart of that blessing.

Once again, thanks.

God's Servant,

Lucas Pillman


Joey said...

Glad to see you're back! I tried calling today, but no one answered at your house. I think I sent an email a day or two ago as well. Shoot me an email or give me a call as soon as you get a chance.

Douglas Boyce said...

Welcome Home