Wednesday, May 24

Between a Women, the government and her Doctor.

The range of the contradiction is so powerfully potent that it is hard to imagine.

On one side, Planned ParentBarrenhood screeches about keeping government out of medical decision. You know, Don't let extreme politicians make your health care decisions.

At the same time they can't get enough of the government pie. And since when did gov't money come with no strings attached? And what about the liberal babies of universal health care, the FDA, and run-away medical malpractice lawsuits? There can hardly be any more heavy-handed way for politicians to mess with doctors decisions.

Pure contradictions.

Conservatives, on the other hand, simply recognize that there are two individuals when a mother is with child and therefore simply believe that government interference is merited when delusional doctors plot to take the child's life. Otherwise they want politicians to keep their dirty hands and money out of practicing medicine.

Wisconsin women should not have to answer to politicians about their personal, private health care decisions.

I agree. That's why I don't want universal heath care...and why I don't want some women's doc killin' some small person--they should be apart of that decision too.