Saturday, May 13

For the 29th Assembly

Wide White is reporting that Isaac Weix is the candidate for the 29th Assembly district (my district). This is an incredibly important race in the state since it will be an open seat in a swing area.

I have heard Weix only once at a "Remember 9-11" event where he spoke about his time in Iraq. He has a record to be proud of from his time in Iraq that is for sure. I expect I will be able to enthusiastically support this man when I find out his whole story, but I want to always take care who I support. For now it is wait and talk.

From Wide White:

He is also a staff sergeant with the Marine Reserves. After leaving the Marines, he was called back to go to Iraq. He served in the Triangle of Death south of Baghdad.


The story that I really thought was neat was the one about how they went on a number of their missions. They had a route they'd patrol every night in the area in which they were stationed. They were often out for the purpose of detaining insurgents.

Someone was bright enough to recognize that every soldier who died was killed by IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) while in a Humvee. They decided to try walking.

Read some more about his time in Iraq.