Friday, May 12

Immigration: A bit of History

Trying to get back into some more traditional blogging...

I think it is important as we take up the immigration debate to do a bit of history learning. "Yeah," we might all say, "I know my classic American mix of ancestors came from Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Austria, just to name a few. But they came legally." And just what did legal mean back then? As many are bringing out it meant being a healthy individual showing up on American shores.

And did they come in hordes? Yup about 22 million between 1892 and 1924 just thru Ellis Island.

And did everyone like it? Nope.

Security issues? Sure.

But I think most of us have to agree that looking back now we can see it as a good thing.

1 Comment: said...

Whether immigration is curbed or not, with the amount of immigrants already here, they will reproduce faster than us and we will see more and more immigrants here.

We have to learn their languages so that we can all communicate together.