Monday, May 15

Immigration for Families

The Washington Times is reporting on the new immigration bill that goes before the Senate.

I have to say that I like much of it. It doubles the number of immigrants that can come into the country. Many conservatives have a trouble with how many unskilled workers it lets in, but the bill also has a heavy focus on family which I consider to be more important than skills.

Interestingly, Robert Rector from the Heritage Foundation finds that, "recent [illegal] immigrants have high levels of out-of-wedlock childbearing, which increases welfare costs and poverty." Yeah, you know why? We want them to be guest workers with their families stranded back in their home country.

And this bill tackles part of that problem: "Mr. Rector estimates that the Senate bill would grant citizenship to between 9 million and 10 million illegal aliens. If allowed to become citizens, those immigrants would be permitted to bring their entire extended family, including any elderly parents."

H/T Powerline