Friday, May 12

Immigration: Guest Worker Disaster

I can't stand a guest worker program. It destroys the family. All sides of it. It destroys a country. All sides of it.

For those not familiar with the system here is how the White House describes it:

Promoting Compassion: The program should grant currently working undocumented aliens a temporary worker status to prevent exploitation. Participants would be issued a temporary worker card that will allow them to travel back and forth between their home and the U.S. without fear of being denied re-entry into America.
Providing Incentives for Return to Home Country: The program will require the return of temporary workers to their home country after their period of work has concluded. The legal status granted by this program would last three years, be renewable, and would have an end. During the temporary work period, it should allow movement across the U.S. borders so the worker can maintain roots in their home country.

This may sound nice to the uninformed American: Import work when we need it and ship it home when we're done. But the reality of the fact is that it creates a parent deprived family back in the home country of the immigrant, and a morally destructive situation for the immigrant.

I can't say how many children I encountered who lacked a father and or mother and how it messed up their lives. I also heard the most heart breaking stories about deserting husbands and the strain it puts on a marriage. It's a fact as well that immigrants that come without their families are more likely to get into immoral and criminal activity here in the US if they come by themselves and not with their families.

Finally, their is the economic problem of all the money going out of the country with the immigrant instead of being spent here, as well as divided country loyalties. Some of those immigrants had some dandy houses made with American cash.

Support immigration, but support permanent family immigration not divided families and divided loyalties.