Monday, May 22

(w)Ron(g) Kind of Donations

Here is a cool little google map that shows where money is coming into the 3rd District Congressional race between Kind and Nelson. Revealing.


Joey said...

how far back do those donations go? I'm just wondering how many years' worth of Kind's donations have been included.

Jake said...

Well you are being misleading as usual Lucas. How much comes from out of state depends more the national party than the canidate himself. 20% is about in line with any canidate facing a minor challange but who is considered safe. Paul Ryan (R) facing a far weaker challanger in 2004 used 18% from out of state.

James Sensenbrenner (R) has gotten 80% so far from out of state this cycle and received 60% from out of state in the 2004 election. Tom Petri (R) got 57% this cycle and 64% in 2004 from out of state.

Your hero Mark Green (R) who faced virtually no challange in 2004 still took 13% of his money from out of state.

Tammy Baldwin (D) has gotten 25% so far this cycle and 46% last cycle.

You can look any of this up at

The upshot is:
1. The more powerful a incumbant is the more money will pour in from out of state to keep them in congress.
2. The tougher the challange the more out of state money will pour in on both sides.
3. If a challanger is perceived to have no chance the national party will not waste money on the canidate.

With Nelson only raising a third of Kind's totals in state the national party looks at that and poll numbers and determines it would be a waste of money if they invested in Nelson. So really you are making an issue where isn't one - at least not the angle you are using. Yes there is huge campaign finance issues but don't blame a canidate who is playing by the rules. Advocate rule changing Lucas. I would be right there with you on that.