Tuesday, June 6

Beholden to Big Money

...the biggest money there seems to be these days: the state.

It dawned upon me as I was driving down the road why liberal politicians like gov't funding of campaigns. It's apart of their addiction to big government. It is always said and largely true that you are in some way beholden to those who foot your campaign. Now if that were the government you would soon find politicians beholden to the gov't bureaucracy rather than their constituents. I would rather keep politicians chubby to their constituents and cut off the chubby ties to the gov't machine.


Jake said...

Come on Lucas. You really being ridiculous now. You know full well the bigger the office the less input an average person has in anything the said politician does - liberal or conservative. The political process is controlled by large donors. It appears you don't want an individual to have any control over this process. Kepp that head in sand Lucas because you will be ground up with all the gays, immigrant loving, communist left wingers soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I always love your rants about how we need to rely less on government to help us. I looked up Patrick Henry College and found that it costs $16,000 a year to go there. Which could lead to three conclusions. 1. Your family is wealthy enough to pay for your tuition this college. (I know this is not true) 2. You are taking about 6 credits a semester while you live rent free with mommy and daddy which means you will be graduating in about 2018. 3. You recieve some type of financial aid FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Maybe it's a combination of a couple of these but remember that taxes can do alot of good for the people who need that help the most. Get off your high horse before sombody knocks you off it.

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