Friday, June 9

Goooooooal! Ecaudor Beats Poland 2-0!

UpdateGreat snapshoot of the best of the game over at Yahoo.

I couldn't watch the game and haven't found were I can find replays of the event, but was I ever tickled to see Ecaudor win. I'm sure my birth country is just going crazy right now. 'Tis a shame to miss out on it.

See live blogging of the game here.

Many are saying Ecaudor will advance.

More here.

Ecuador registered the first upset victory of the 2006 World Cup on Friday.

Forwards Carlos Tenorio and Agustin Delgado both scored to lead Ecuador to a surprise 2-0 win over Poland in a Group A game from Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Go La Tri!

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displaced ched head said...

Good for you, as a Polish American I lament the loss, but I also understand the great win for your side. Congrats dude.