Friday, June 9

Healthcare solution ghosts

Have you ever noticed that when liberals make loud bold press releases about solving health care problems, they sputter a bunch but don't give hardly any real solutions.

Take this example:

We the people, can change things and get health care security for everyone. But true health care security for everyone will only come when the people finally say, enough is enough.

Or what about this one:
The plan, according to the bill that so far has only Democratic sponsors, must cover 98 percent of state resi- dents and cut overall health care costs by 15 percent. The legislation does not contain any proposals or specifics — at this point it just calls for a plan to be created and passed during the two-year session.

Yes...and the solution is...keep guessing.....keep guessing... perhaps Hillary Care? Want to guess just for a starter how much that would cost in new taxes? Over 4 billion. That is over $7,500 for each man woman and child in the state of Wisconsin. Say hello to over $30,000 in NEW taxes for the average Wisconsin family.

I say enough is enough before we even start and make sure we don't follow that path. I continue to hold to my community faith based health care system.

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Jake said...

We had community type health care and people died in the streets all the time. Sure it sounds great but if you really believe this is any type of solution you need to get your nose out of the bible and look at what has and hasn't worked in the past. I haven't seen alick of proof supporting your assertions and quite frankly doubt your statistics since most stats you use are made up or pulled from some unsubstantiated reference.