Tuesday, June 6

The people or just the conservative ones?

I find the portrayal of the marriage debate in the Senate right now to be enlightening.

Instead of reporting the way in which measures to support traditional marriage around the US have met with resounding public support, and polls continue to show that most voters support marriage between one man and one woman, the MSM has taken Democratic talking points and just called it a conservative vote energizer.

"We the People" has been transformed into "Them the conservatives". Popular preference has been transformed into political division when it just ain't so.

Shows again their bias.


WASHINGTON, June 5 — President Bush's push for the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage that is being debated in the Senate this week comes as many Republicans and religious conservatives are beginning a campaign to help lawmakers who support it during this year's elections — and to punish those who do not.

Though people on both sides of the debate say they do not expect the amendment to come anywhere near winning approval this week, both sides say they expect it, and an anticipated version in the House, to be used as a conservative litmus test in elections this fall.

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Jake said...

I hate to tell you this Lucas but almost all voting blocks - according to recent polls - are against this amendment. The margin is fairly close in most cases (aprox. 50% to 40%) but if you look at republicans the margin is aprox. 80% to 15% so there can be no doubt it is a conservative vote energizer since that block is the one that tips the overall totals to oppose gay marriage. The majority of americans are in favor of civil unions so should this be a part of the amendment?