Sunday, July 9

To Support in Western Wisconsin

I often find myself trying to figure out who to give my time to in political races. Below is my evaluation of who to most heavily help out and support in the elections. It is based off of two primary criteria. 1. The positions they take on the important issues like life and marriage, and the force with which they take them. 2. If it's close. A predictable blowout win or loss brings down the score. The score is 1 to 10 with 10 being the place to concentrate the effort.

Mark Green for Governor: 9

I have heard him. He is very pro-life and pro-family. No doubts there. Also polls have him running neck and neck with Doyle right now. He was the funds and the organization to pull it off. The Green Team is a winning choice.

Paul R. Nelson for Congress: 7

Anyone knows that it is VERY hard to beat an incumbent Congressman. Only a small percentage do, so his chances pull him down but his energy and solid stands pulls him right up.

Kitty Rhodes: 4

Normally votes well. With her district more and more Republican tho, she shouldn't have a trouble.

Ron Brown: 10 :)

We need every volunteer we can get. Take this as a no comment. However, I will say that the race is close and he is a great candidate.

Dave Zien: 9

This one will be hard fought. And Dave Zien has a record worth defending, not to mention a personality that would be missed by those who like spice at the capitol.

Nick Reid for Congress: 7

Will try to be adding to this list as the season progresses.