Thursday, August 24

Campaign Deform for Guv

First we stop the candidates from spending and then we wonder why the money just goes another place taking the responsibility off of the campaign and leaving the voter out to dry.

What problem have we solved with all our election spending limits?

Tuesday, August 15

College Here we Come!

Tomorrow I head out to Patrick Henry College to start campus life. It's exciting to think of the experience I will have there and hard to leave behind friends and family here in this wonderful and wild Wisconsin land.

As far as blogging is concerned, look for the blog to turn more personal in the next while as I look for the role "Wisconsin" will play on this page. Perhaps I will consider this an opportunity to switch to this blog.

Days Door Ditty

Three days out of the week this residence is protected by a shot gun. You decide which three.

Monday, August 7

Days Door Ditties

A collection of random front door messages....

Please ring the door bell and run...
The dog need exercise!

If you ever want to visit again, please bring a paper bag with five pounds of fresh tuna.

-The Cat

Those are smudges on my windows. They're Angle finger prints.

Ripe for Impeachment

Well perjury was somehow just a personal affair that we all were suppose to keep our little noses out of let alone believe that committing a felony was somehow not acceptable for the position of (Bill) President, times have changed. Technically not lying, technically NOT before Congress (or before a jury for that matter) suddenly become a low hanging fruit for impeachment.


“‘Defrauding the government’ has been defined quite broadly and does not need an underlying criminal offense and alone subjects the offender to prosecution,” Conyers writes in a legal analysis section. “While this statute is similar to obstructing or lying to Congress…it is broader. It covers acts that may not technically be lying or communications that are not formally before Congress.”

Compliments of the Dem. Congressman John Conyers who would head the House Judiciary Committee responsible for impeachment proceedings.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Compliments to liblogers who have now become experts. (See down half-way).

Besides Mandanici and the entire liberal side of the New York Times columnist lineup, other writers cited in “The Constitution in Crisis” include left-wing journalists and bloggers Glenn Greenwald, Robert Dreyfuss, and Larisa Alexandrovna. “The Constitution in Crisis” also cites the occasional unknown writer like Carmen Yarrusso, who, according to a search of the Nexis database, seems to have written mostly letters to the editor — and who in 1998 was described in a brief article in the Boston Globe as being “a humorist from Brookline, N.H.”