Tuesday, October 31

Local Endorsements

Here is the list of people that I endorse in the coming elections:

Governor: Mark Green

Why? I heard him speak. He is a solid pro-life man, with moral values driven by a heart. He is also a man who will pull the state out of the financial ruin our state has found itself in by cutting government expansion in favor of lower taxes. On the education front I believe as well that he will follow in the steps of Tommy and work to think outside of the WEAC box.

AGJ.B. Van Hollen

When he says that he will put criminals behind bars I believe him because he has the record that shows it. Admirable as well the way in which J.B. kept to the issues in the A.G. race and not about say...story about drunks going in ditches. Commendable. Worth a vote.

Senate: Robert Lorge

Why? That is a better question this time. There is little chance he can win and he runs a poor campaign, but you can still vote for him with a clear conscience since he is right on life and family.

Congress: Paul R. Nelson

Why? In your heart you know he's right. Unfortunately that was the slogan of Barry Goldwater in his failed bid for the presidency in 1964. There seems to be some sort of fallout on the campaign side of things but this man still stands for what is right. You can feel confident giving him your vote.

Assembly: John Murtha

Why? He is endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life, so he at least answered the survey the right way. Life and family are not why he is running however. Taxes is his big issue (yes, he wants them lower). I know him as a community man with a large base of support and recognition. Some of my family have talked with him and from their impression he may not be the best moral support he is still worth supporting.

Sheriff: Dennis Smith

(oops! someone stole his website name!!! dennissmithforsheriff.com is all about endorsing his opponent Brad Leach. Still it persuades me TO vote for him if Kathy Ertz (whom I have no respect for) all of a sudden supports Brad Leach.

And whatever you do, VOTE!

What happens when marriage goes down the tubes

As you think about the marriage amendment on the ballot you might want to take a look at what happened in the Netherlands. Read Going Dutch?

Key quote:

A careful look at the decade-long campaign for same-sex marriage in the Netherlands shows that one of its principal themes was the effort to dislodge the conviction that parenthood and marriage are intrinsically linked. Even as proponents of gay marriage argued vigorously--and ultimately successfully--that marriage should be just one of many relationship options, fewer Dutch parents were choosing marriage over cohabitation. No longer a marked exception on the European scene, the Dutch are now traveling down the Scandinavian path.

Sunday, October 29

Coming Home for Elections

I'll be back in at least MN for the elections. Kenndy must win and will with just a bit of extra help that I will be lending him *wink*. If only it could be true.

Was talking with someone this eve. who said that the Cardinals baseball team were predicted by the pundits to loose on every step up to the World Series. They won. Big time.

I just hope that it is the same pundits talking about the elections.

Whatever the case, get out and vote. There are great men and women up and down the ballot, and marriage to protect and save as well. Foley is sick and you can vote against him if you have him on the ballot, but don't let that cut you off from voting for excellent men and women not connected at all to him.

Saturday, October 28

Media Bias against Marriage

No surprise, but it demands attention. While the space given to the destroy marriage side is about 60% the real sentiments of the authors comes out in what they portray about each side. When it is about those who support marriage it is all about politics.

There have been no major opinion polls since mid-August, when a survey showed Appling's "Yes" side with 48 percent support, compared to 40 percent against the amendment. Tate says the gap is narrowing as undecided voters tilt against the measure; Appling believes the final result will be in line with Michigan and Ohio, where similar measures prevailed with roughly 60 percent support in 2004.

When it is about the marriage destroyers it is all the warm home feelings that so easily sway people even in the absense of fact.

Among the hopeful are Debbie Knepke and Candice Hackbarth, devoted partners for nine years, raising a 3-year-old daughter and 7-month-old son in pleasant Milwaukee neighborhood. They have joined some 8,000 other volunteers in a bid to defeat a proposed state constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage and civil unions


Debbie Knepke finds it hard to be dispassionate. Because the children she helps raise, Sienna and Nolan, were borne by Hackbarth, Knepke has no legal standing as a parent and fears passage of the amendment would dim her chances of ever gaining such recognition.