Saturday, October 28

Media Bias against Marriage

No surprise, but it demands attention. While the space given to the destroy marriage side is about 60% the real sentiments of the authors comes out in what they portray about each side. When it is about those who support marriage it is all about politics.

There have been no major opinion polls since mid-August, when a survey showed Appling's "Yes" side with 48 percent support, compared to 40 percent against the amendment. Tate says the gap is narrowing as undecided voters tilt against the measure; Appling believes the final result will be in line with Michigan and Ohio, where similar measures prevailed with roughly 60 percent support in 2004.

When it is about the marriage destroyers it is all the warm home feelings that so easily sway people even in the absense of fact.

Among the hopeful are Debbie Knepke and Candice Hackbarth, devoted partners for nine years, raising a 3-year-old daughter and 7-month-old son in pleasant Milwaukee neighborhood. They have joined some 8,000 other volunteers in a bid to defeat a proposed state constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage and civil unions


Debbie Knepke finds it hard to be dispassionate. Because the children she helps raise, Sienna and Nolan, were borne by Hackbarth, Knepke has no legal standing as a parent and fears passage of the amendment would dim her chances of ever gaining such recognition.

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Anonymous said...

I would hope you would also being willing to talk about a subject FAR more destructive to families in this state and country, divorce. Why does nobody on either side of the politcal spectrum ever talk about a divorce rate that hovers around the 50% mark? I saw a yard sign that said "Vote Yes on the gay marriage ban...To Protect the Children." To many people talk about how gay marriage is not something the Lord wants us to support, but nobody seems to remember "Till death do us part." DIVORCE is so much more destructive to a family that civil unions or gay marriage. I'm disappointed in you Lucas for taking such a narrow view of things...