Tuesday, October 31

What happens when marriage goes down the tubes

As you think about the marriage amendment on the ballot you might want to take a look at what happened in the Netherlands. Read Going Dutch?

Key quote:

A careful look at the decade-long campaign for same-sex marriage in the Netherlands shows that one of its principal themes was the effort to dislodge the conviction that parenthood and marriage are intrinsically linked. Even as proponents of gay marriage argued vigorously--and ultimately successfully--that marriage should be just one of many relationship options, fewer Dutch parents were choosing marriage over cohabitation. No longer a marked exception on the European scene, the Dutch are now traveling down the Scandinavian path.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should talk about men like the Rev. Ted Haggard. Men who are supposed to be the moral and spiritual leaders of this country doing these kinds of things. Here is a man who was very much in favor of a gay marriage ban. Why do you never talk about these people Lucas? Men of God who act this way?? And you blame gay marraige for the decline in family values in the U.S.?? Your stance holds no water...