Thursday, November 23

A Thankful Heart: Easy when empty, hard when full.

Is it ironic that what we are thankful for often is what we have been deprived of? The sick person is thankful for his health. The man out of work is thankful for the provision of food. The lonely man is thankful for friends. The man in North Korea is thankful for his one page of a bible.

So what am I thankful for this year?

Family mostly. Although I am celebrating with my roommate and his wonderfully gracious family there is a part of the heart that just cannot be replaced by the warm touch of home.

God is honored however by our thanks even in times of loss. In everything give thanks we are told. That means that we should be thankful even for those things that have not gone well. The Pilgrims were probably the best suited to give thanks for their food because they--at first--didn't have food.

Are you having a hard time being thankful? Are you like me and having a hard time really being thankful for our basic necessity of food? We had oatmeal for breakfast. Not my favorite. Could I be thankful not only for what I don't have but also for the things that I do? Like the Proverb, when I am full I have a tendency to complain about food and other things I'm thankful for but to deny the Lord.

I'm thankful for what I don't have. That is right, and may I say easy. Lord, give me a heart to be thankful for what I have in abundance as well which is much harder.