Monday, November 6


Today America is your day to decide which way the country will go. Higher taxes, or more control over the way you spend YOUR money. Family, or more children left without a Mom and a Dad or no life at all. Defense of our country or peace at cost (even final destruction). It is your choice.

You know what is right, and tomorrow is your day to do it....and encourage your friends to do the same.


Personal note: Here is the race I have been helping out with:

I hope to have a few pics of the amazing team I have been working with door knocking and phoning.


Anonymous said...

A great day for Democrats not only in Wisconsin, but throughout the nation. Democrats take contol of the US HOR and Sentae as well as the state senate here in Wisconsin. Jim Doyle soundly defeats Mark Green in the race for Governor, and Democrats pick up a few assembly seats too! An all around ugly night for the GOP. This was a referendum on the failed Republican leadership in this country, and the people have spoken loud and clear.

Jake said...

Yes there really was no choice....Vote for continued republican control and we stay in war indefinitely. Couple that with a tax cut for the upper 1% means an increased burden on the rest of use in state ans property taxes. Add in Mark Green and a TABOR type admendment that would take away any local control on our taxes and now you would be left with no services. That would lead to less safety, financial assets social net for our families leading to more two worker families or divorces. Continuing on that line as more money gets poored into foriegn interventions we have less and less to defend ourselves here. Really Lucas what has been down right here in this country to make us safer? Due a lack of money most of our infrastruture is more vulnerable to terroist attack than ever. Face it, it's not a matter of if....Bush has made it a matter of when it happens again.