Tuesday, December 12

Atheism killed 50 million in the last 75 years

From the Communist Chinese Revolution 30 million killed.

From the Communist Russian under Stalin 20 million

And this isn't even counting the number of people killed in the wars that these guys helped instigate. Should make every last person sick to think of the destruction that comes when people throw off the legitimate check of belief in a God who will hold them responsible for their actions. Atheism: the worst killer of the age no doubt.


JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe said...

What I think you mean is that dogmatism killed 50 Million people. What happened in Communist Russia and China was a due to a widespread unfounded positiveness in a matter of opinion. It doesn't really matter whether that unfounded positiveness is in the opinion that Communism is the best form of government or in the opinion that there is an invisible man in the sky. See the inquisition for another example of dogmatism run wild. Or Nazi Germany (Hitler had veto power of German bishops and he regularily quoted Martin Luther in his speeches so don't even try to pretend the Nazis were atheists. They were dogmatic about national socialism, pure and simple) You want more examples, because I got 'em?

Atheism hasn't killed more people than Christianity or Islam or any belief. I'd argue that it's killed far fewer than most beliefs. But it's not the belief that's dangerous, it is being absoultely dogmatic about your belief that is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Wow kiddo, this is perhaps the most ignorant thing I've read today. JIJAWM is right. Dogmatism is the culprit here, not atheism. The idea that morality comes from the notion of god is completely asinine. If you're going to blame atheism for the attrocities of Communist Russia, you might as well blame the Russian language, or whiteness, or vodka.

Anonymous said...

I believe the absolute high end estimates for deaths in the Chinese Revolution are closer to about 20 Million. Even if it's 30 million, the reason for them was famine (God's fault, no?) coupled with Mao's unwillingness to stop exporting food to save face. So, nothing to do with atheism. Staline's regime caused deaths in mostly the same ways-i.e., famine, labor camps, some executions etc. The reasons for these killings were tied to dogmatic belief in communism in general and Stalin in particular. Again, nothing to do with atheism.

I'm astounded that you see your dogmatic belief as a positive force and are blind to the destructive power of dogmatism in other situations. Atheism, in and of itself, never killed anyone. If you get your morals only from a 2000 year old book, I'm pretty worried about you. There's some pretty evil stuff in that book.

Lucas said...


Dogmatism didn't cause Luther to go out and cause massive deaths. For that matter I bet you are dogmatic that people must have oxygen to survive. Simple dogmatic belief doesn't cause evil. It is dogmatism stripped from a moral foundation that destroys humanity.

Of course you always could say that something other than communism kills people, that doesn't get those responsible off the hook.

The main thing I was reacting to were the people who say that Christianity is the main reason for deaths and war in the world. The facts just don't add up.

JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe said...

"For that matter I bet you are dogmatic that people must have oxygen to survive."

No. That's not what dogmatism is. I know that people need to breath oxygen to survive. But for a belief to be dogmatic, it needs to be an "unfounded" and "positive" belief. Knowing you need to breathe oxygen isn't unfounded. It's a fact. You can't really be dogmatic about a fact.

"It is dogmatism stripped from a moral foundation that destroys humanity."

Well, that begs the question of how you define a moral foundation. But dogmatism attached you your moral foundation has destroyed a great deal of humaity. See e.g. The Crusades and the Inquisistions.

Anonymous said...

I realize you are very young and sheltered. What you are saying here is very ignorant. It’s also plain wrong. Some would even call it bigoted. You might want to be careful about saying stuff like this. Mel Gibson got a lot of bad press for saying something pretty similar.

JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe said...

"The main thing I was reacting to were the people who say that Christianity is the main reason for deaths and war in the world."

I'm not sure who says this. I've never heard anyone limit it to Christianity. The particular brand of dogma, religion (or insanity) is not important. I think if there were suddenly no Christianity (or Religion generally) in the world it would be a much more peaceful place, but it wouldn't be totally free of war. People get dogmatic about all sorts of stupid stuff besides religion.