Tuesday, December 12

Transplant Tourism

And you thought that it was bad enough to have sex tourism. Now this.

A Belgian Senator from the Flemish Liberal Party recently carried out his own investigation into organ transplants in China and found that hospitals are urging patients to come before February when organ supplies will decrease.

Senator Patrik Vankrunkelsven says he called two hospitals in Beijing in mid-November and presented himself as a patient in need of a kidney transplant. He says he was invited to come for the operation and was told that the waiting time would be only a few weeks.

"Now is a good time to come," the hospital staff said, according to Vankrunkelsven, advising him to come before the Chinese New Year in February. "At the time of Chinese New Year we like our prisons to be emptied. After the New Year we startup again, but then of course the waiting time will be a bit longer."