Monday, April 10

Ecuador Encounters 7

Dear Family and Friends,


This will probably be the last of my periodic updates that I send out before I land on home shores. My departure date is just under a month away and I can already feel the bittersweet savor of the moment. So now   back to the question that always burns front and center in everyone of these notes: what have I been up to….no more it is what the Lord has been up to in my effort to be available to follow His leading.


Probably a highlight of my whole trip down here so far happened this last weekend. I helped out again with a youth retreat for the 7 th graders at the high school. Like many youth they live lives in which they are asked to endure pressures and hardships unsuited to their age. Take Mauro for example, one of the young boys I had the joy to have in my cabin with four other boys. His father is gone to the US. He might hope to talk to him on the phone but has little chance of seeing him in person for perhaps years. Guy-girl relationships are also begun to be expected. Some might think it is just childish games yet the sorrow and rejection that often arrives on the wake of the almost inevitable "breakup" can set lives rocking. Aptly enough the theme of the retreat was self-acceptance. God is the one that created you and formed you perfectly. Will you accept that? During a small group session with just my group of five boys I was able to share how from the Garden of Eden, sin has destroyed the perfect creation in the image of God and only salvation through God's son will be able to restore it again. The attentiveness of the kids was really amazing.


Of course we had fun too. I helped out some singing, games, skits, and a few practical jokes to make it a true camp experience. It was truly a fulfilling time.


There  is a week and a half break from school here for Easter. When there is school I continue to help out teaching songs and bible verses mainly in the grade school but once and a while in the high school as well. I have also begun some Spanish classes two days a week to help me advance in my learning of the language. Next week a trip to the jungle is under consideration as well for a few days, but we will see what happens.


As always I appreciate many of you who have taken the time to make me apart of your lives through your communications. May God continue to richly bless you.




God's Servant,


Lucas Pillman