Monday, June 19

Every Last Puddle

The Supreme Court did a classic wash with Kennedy now finding himself being in the center of the wishy without his pal O'Connor to swish-wish with in the muddy middle.

It was about the environment and the Clean Water Act today as they tried to decide if the federal government has jurisdiction (let's remind everyone again) UNDER the Constitution to stick their finger into someone's wetland that he wanted to develop.

Scalia got on track with Roberts, Alito, and Thomas to pull things back to the document they were suppose to represent instead of crafting convenient feelings into opinions.

Scalia had said the Corps of Engineers misinterpreted the term "waters of the United States."

"In applying the definition to 'ephemeral streams,' 'wet meadows,' storm sewers and culverts, ... man-made drainage ditches, and dry arroyos in the middle of the desert, the Corps has stretched the term 'waters of the United States' beyond parody," he wrote.

I do believe that gov't in general does have a responsibility to regulate the purity of water, but without a Constitutional amendment that power resides with the states and not the federal gov't.

Monday, June 12


The US should have lost by more than 3-0 to Czech. They looked like kids in their playing. They better brighten up soon or they're toast.

I'm behind Ecuadorwhen it comes to soccer...I mean futbol.

Friday, June 9

Healthcare solution ghosts

Have you ever noticed that when liberals make loud bold press releases about solving health care problems, they sputter a bunch but don't give hardly any real solutions.

Take this example:

We the people, can change things and get health care security for everyone. But true health care security for everyone will only come when the people finally say, enough is enough.

Or what about this one:
The plan, according to the bill that so far has only Democratic sponsors, must cover 98 percent of state resi- dents and cut overall health care costs by 15 percent. The legislation does not contain any proposals or specifics — at this point it just calls for a plan to be created and passed during the two-year session.

Yes...and the solution is...keep guessing.....keep guessing... perhaps Hillary Care? Want to guess just for a starter how much that would cost in new taxes? Over 4 billion. That is over $7,500 for each man woman and child in the state of Wisconsin. Say hello to over $30,000 in NEW taxes for the average Wisconsin family.

I say enough is enough before we even start and make sure we don't follow that path. I continue to hold to my community faith based health care system.

Goooooooal! Ecaudor Beats Poland 2-0!

UpdateGreat snapshoot of the best of the game over at Yahoo.

I couldn't watch the game and haven't found were I can find replays of the event, but was I ever tickled to see Ecaudor win. I'm sure my birth country is just going crazy right now. 'Tis a shame to miss out on it.

See live blogging of the game here.

Many are saying Ecaudor will advance.

More here.

Ecuador registered the first upset victory of the 2006 World Cup on Friday.

Forwards Carlos Tenorio and Agustin Delgado both scored to lead Ecuador to a surprise 2-0 win over Poland in a Group A game from Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Go La Tri!

Tuesday, June 6

More Hate Speech

Seems Kennedy again pokes up his head to call those of us who disagree with him "bigots."

At least Bush sounded presidential.

Acknowledging that emotions often run hot in this debate, Bush urged calm.

"As this debate goes forward, we must remember that every American deserves to be treated with tolerance, respect and dignity," he said. "All of us have a duty to conduct this discussion with civility and decency toward one another, and all people deserve to have their voices heard."

Beholden to Big Money

...the biggest money there seems to be these days: the state.

It dawned upon me as I was driving down the road why liberal politicians like gov't funding of campaigns. It's apart of their addiction to big government. It is always said and largely true that you are in some way beholden to those who foot your campaign. Now if that were the government you would soon find politicians beholden to the gov't bureaucracy rather than their constituents. I would rather keep politicians chubby to their constituents and cut off the chubby ties to the gov't machine.

The people or just the conservative ones?

I find the portrayal of the marriage debate in the Senate right now to be enlightening.

Instead of reporting the way in which measures to support traditional marriage around the US have met with resounding public support, and polls continue to show that most voters support marriage between one man and one woman, the MSM has taken Democratic talking points and just called it a conservative vote energizer.

"We the People" has been transformed into "Them the conservatives". Popular preference has been transformed into political division when it just ain't so.

Shows again their bias.


WASHINGTON, June 5 — President Bush's push for the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage that is being debated in the Senate this week comes as many Republicans and religious conservatives are beginning a campaign to help lawmakers who support it during this year's elections — and to punish those who do not.

Though people on both sides of the debate say they do not expect the amendment to come anywhere near winning approval this week, both sides say they expect it, and an anticipated version in the House, to be used as a conservative litmus test in elections this fall.