Wednesday, January 24

I go camping

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Tuesday, January 16

Lawless Lawmakers

Guess. Yup from Madison. City council members are adding on to their oath of office to uphold the Wisconsin constitution. They don't like the marriage amendment that a large majority (59%) of the good voting people of Wisconsin voted for so they are adding that they will "work to eliminate this section from the Constitution and work to prevent any discriminatory impacts from its application."

They have the right to express their disagreement with the constitution, but they run because they want to uphold the law not just trash it when they feel like it.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that Daniel Ross did the noble thing: he resigned fromthe board since he couldn't uphold the constitution. If you can't live under Wisconsin law then you shouldn't be living here let alone trying to serve in elected office.

We all in a way by virtue of being citizens pledge to uphold the law whether we think it is perfect or not. If such disrespect for the law were appropriate I can think of numerous interpretationsof the state and federal Constitution I would like to add an addendum to.

Thursday, January 11

Even Chess suffers from warm weather....

Europe's unseasonably warm winter has almost put paid to a chess match between London and Moscow, using huge pieces carved from ice.

The pieces began melting so quickly that some were almost indistinguishable by the time the match finished.

Huge chessboards had been laid out in the Russian and British capitals, with grandmasters Nigel Short and Anatoly Karpov taking charge of the teams.