Friday, March 30

Will Ethanol Boost Sweet Corn Prices Too?

Allow me to at least hope that this will.

"An ethanol-fueled boom in prices will prompt American farmers to plant the most corn since the year the Allies invaded Normandy, but surging demand could mean consumers still may pay more for everything from chicken to cough syrup."

Friday, March 23

The Next

TheVanguard.Org has an impressive vision to be the conservative voice online. Watch them.

Drugs OK alcohol Out

A good thought. But let's not legalize drugs wholesale.
"This is a landmark paper," said Leslie Iversen, professor of pharmacology at Oxford University. "It is the first real step toward an evidence-based classification of drugs." Based on the paper's results, he added, alcohol and tobacco could not be excluded.

"The rankings also suggest the need for better regulation of the more harmful drugs that are currently legal, liketobacco and alcohol," wrote Wayne Hall, of the University of Queensland in an accompanying Lancet article.

Nutt also called for more education on drugs. "All drugs are dangerous," he said. "Even the ones people know and love and use every day."

The Price of Ethanol

'Mugabe has pushed us to stand up and fight'-News-World-Africa-TimesOnline

Two fifths of the population are already suffering from malnutrition, and John Robertson, a respected economic consultant, predicts worse to come. Maize is Zimbabwe’s staple. This year’s harvest will be poor, South Africa will produce too little to export any to its neighbour and America’s drive to convert maize into ethanol is driving up the worldwide price at a time when Zimbabwe is almost out of foreign currency.

Wednesday, March 21

Have Campaigns become stupid?

I don't know..but if you go to Obama's site you can make your own blog and then post...whatever you want. You can even say things that they might not want to see on there site. Will they delete my post. Click to see.

Monday, March 19

Merek Suspends Controversial Lobbying Campaign

Now we only need Gov. Kaine to veto or send this back for reconsideration:

...medical groups, politicians and parents began rebelling after disclosure of a behind-the-scenes lobbying campaign by Gardasil's maker, Merck Co., to get state legislatures to require 11- and 12-year-old girls to get the three-dose vaccine as a requirement for school attendance.

Some parents' groups and doctors particularly objected because the vaccine protects against a sexually transmitted disease, human papilloma virus, which causes cervical cancer. Vaccines mandated for school attendance usually are for diseases easily spread through casual contact, such as measles and mumps.

Bowing to pressure, Merck said Tuesday that it is immediately suspending its controversial campaign, which it had funded through a third party.

Read it all.

Sunday, March 18

If you are from Virginia...

You should get involved: Libertas Society.

Friday, March 16

Around the Web

Ben Lansing has a great little cartoon gallery. Like this one below:

(C) Ben Lansing

Thursday, March 15

Keeping Pace with morality

Why the big uproar over Gen Peter Pace's comments on his personal belief that homosexuality is wrong? First, the policy of the military to expel those found committing homosexual acts says in practice that these acts are immoral, something that will undermine the moral and conditions of the troops. Second, he only expressed his personal belief. Why the uproar?

Then there is the article above that lists all the people who have been expelled for their actions. Crocodile tears. I can tell you of a bunch of people I know that would leave or NOT enter the military too if they changed the policy. I would never enter if the military allows that sort of thing to be going on in tents in Iraq.

Let's just set this strait. No one is being kept out for who they ARE. They are being kept out for what they DO. Stop practicing homosexuality and you would be welcome.

Monday, March 12

Prez Unannoucemnet Continues

Wow. How original.

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) postponed a final decision on a presidential bid today and again declined to rule out the possibility that he would run as an independent.

"In making this announcement, I believe there will still be political options open to me at a later date," Hagel said at a news conference this morning in Omaha. "I cannot control that, and I do not worry about it."

Will you at least die for my right to say it?

For those who reacted (charitably and not so charitably) to my statements about the practice of homosexuality it makes me wonder: Since you wouldn't even give me charity in responding to the issue would you continue to defend my right to say what I believe? Would you defend my right to print an add that said homosexuality was a sin, and that those who practice it should be punished? Remember, they don't even do that in Canada and Sweden anymore. Talk about restricting liberty. I just want to make this clear.

Friday, March 9

His Word...Not return void

...even in China

Tourists visiting Beijing for next year's Summer Olympics may find Bibles in their hotel rooms.

China's state-run news agency quotes the vice president of the China Patriotic Catholic Association as saying his group is willing to gather Bibles to place in hotel rooms.

The Beijing games are expected to attract more than a-half million people.

Beijing has about 700 star-rated hotels and should have about 800 by the time the Olympics open August Eighth, 2008.

China's communist government strictly monitors religious practices and allows worship only in churches, mosques and temples run by state-monitored religious groups.

Learning From Africa

Nigeria has a law that is working its way through its government that would assign a five-year prison sentence on anyone practicing homosexuality. Would American Christians support the same type of legislation if it came before our government for a vote? We are on comfortable ground talking about legislation and constitutional amendments to keep marriage between one man and one woman. Fine. But if we are going to be consistent, if we truly believe that homosexuality is wrong, then is there a reason why we wouldn't support such a law? Are we afraid of those who would laugh at us? I can see the comments already to this post--most wouldn't even be charitable and I will be openly mocked even to entertain thoughts about this law.

But we must be consistent and we must stand up for the truth even if it hurts.

How could I guess about the lack of charity.

From a anon. comment below:

You think you're entitled to charity when you are openly advocating imprisoning a group of people based completely on who they are, rather than on any harm they caused? You are a sick and disgusting person. You are what's wrong with America.

And, yes, I believe everyone deserves charity in open dialog even over the issues that other might find the most offensive. Isn't that part of the concept of freedom of speech?

Been There. Walked That.

Madison, Wis., named 'most walkable' -
Madison has a remarkable bike trail system, with more than 30 miles of trails and 110 miles of bike lanes even on the busiest of streets. Not to mention the 6,000 acres of parkland.

But if this is the best still wasn't that great. Says something about American cities. I couldn't get around very well without a car. And I tried.

Wednesday, March 7

Prez Unannoucement

It's tricky. These days if you want to run for President you have to campaign for many months without announcing that you are running for president.

John McCain announced for president on David Letterman’s show Wednesday. However, his formal announcement isn’t until April. These days if you want to run for president you have to clear it with the comedians before you run it by the public.

HT: Patriot Post

Tuesday, March 6

The ultimate

It rain so hard on the snow..that I went skating.

How Much of the Wrong Kind of Pork

See all of (w)ron(g) Kind's Pork in the district. He has brought home too much for him not to argue that he doesn't like pork and not enough to keep his special interests happy I'm sure.

See the light here. And type in your zip code.

Wheels for Life

According to ultrasounds are going to be offered right at the doorstep of New York Abortion Clinics. While still using the older version perhaps a mother might be able to see her child similar to the one above and save a life.

In what is billed as a first of its kind in the nation, a New York City crisis
pregnancy center has sent a mobile pregnancy clinic to set up shop outside of an
abortion business. The converted motorhome features a portable ultrasound unit
and will have staff members who can assist women with unplanned
The Expectant Mother Care center plans to park the motorhome at major
abortion facilities six days a week to give women other options apart from
abortion. "Today marks a dramatic new chapter in the pro-life movement's efforts
to reach out in compassion to women about to obtain an abortion," EMC founder
and president Chris Slattery told in a statement.

Ron Kind: Exercise or Else!

Kind must have thought that when Bush talked about No Child Left Behind, he was talking about some sort of physical race they were going to enter in. It's all figurative Ron. Nonetheless, your wonderful Congressman still found reason to milk more money out of the metaphor. Ron Kind has proposed spending more tax dollars and counting the steps school children make in their exercise program. Kiddos, its the state calorie and exercise police. Sounds like 1984 when everyone had to do their exercises in front of the screen.

The House bill would amend No Child Left
Behind to provide a national guideline for minimum standards for health
and fitness in schools. It also would require physical education
assessments for students starting in the 2009-10 school year.

enacted the measure would cost $30
million in 2009, $70 million in 2010 and $100 million a year from 2011
through 2013, according to estimates.

bill also would
create a best-practices model for schools in the Department of
Education and set up a competitive grant program for state agencies
seeking to revise their physical education programs.

Monday, March 5

How Much of the Wrong Kind of Pork

See all of (w)ron(g) Kind's Pork in the district. He has brought home too much for him not to argue that he doesn't like pork and not enough to keep his special interests happy I'm sure.

See the light here. And type in your zip code.

Hillary's Open Door Policy for those practicing Homosexuality

No need to wonder if Hillary supports the family. Of course I feel for her after all Bill has done to her, but why take out her revenge on the rest of Americans who still have a stable family?

At a speech this last Friday at a homosexual endorsing HRC event Hillary Clinton said that she would give the homosexual community the same open reception IF she is elected president that she has given them as Senator from New York. By her own words she cajoled other Senators to vote against any protection of marriage.

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CPAC Blogging

There was a CPAC blogging conference that attended as well. Many of those who were there appeared to be individuals new to blogging. The one thing that was hammered home during the event was that you need to blog consistently, and that you need to focus your blog on someone or some much for either of those on this blog.

Saturday, March 3

CPAC 2007

Dropped in on CPAC for a day, but I was in at the start of the event rather than the end. Soooo...only got to see Pat Toomey, Jim DeMint and some other pols. None of the Presidential candidates but hey, this is still 2007 isn't it. Red State had good coverage of the event. Got myself a hat and sure saw bloggers out in force although I only recognized Michelle Malkin

who I said hi to. I had to get started on my spring break so I couldn't stay around too long. Rough I know.

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Around the Web

Well I switched to another mozilla product for blogging now. Performance. Blogger messed up w.blogger for me.

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Llift the Lamp

Below is an article I wrote for my school paper. Thought you all might like to read it.

Lets again say that you own a stadium. It seats 100,000 and millions want to get in for the game yet you exclude all except for 40,000 seats for VIP members. You have a problem with people entering illegally to the game but dont even offer to sell tickets to those who want to enter legally. That is the American immigration policy.

We have a need for new workers, we depend on immigrants to run our economy, counting on them to drive growth and support our aging population, yet set up a system that blocks them from entering legally and begs them to steal across our back door deserts. Our answer to the illegal immigration problem should begin with extending a hand of welcome to an increased number of people who want to come into the United States legally instead of only complaining about the number of illegal immigrants while silently benefiting from their contribution. Do build a fence, but build it with a door and a welcome sign.

America has become hypocritical. Emma Lazaruss The New Colossus should be sandblasted and put the following put in its place:

The New Statute of Liberty

Just like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With blocking walls from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset, gates shall stand.
A mighty bureaucracy with a torch whose flame,
Is burnt hopes of imprisoned exiles, and its name.
Big brother INS. From its beacon-hand, emails world-wide visa waits, its superior eyes command.

Keep ancient poor, your storied refuse of your teeming shore cries it
With sneering lips. Give me you rich, your doctors,
Only your educated who blow out wit,
Limited quotas from your teeming shores
I shoot those who swim the Rio Grand ditch
Ive slammed shut the golden door!

Many of my ancestors still saw and felt the original inscription when they first saw the beacon-hand in the 1800s. It should strike most as ironic that a nation made up almost completely of immigrants should be so opposed to immigration. It seems difficult to see these immigrants as anything but an asset to the United States. Many have argued that the immigration during the late 1800s and early 1900s provided the manpower that won WWI and WWII.

It is not about defending the lawless. They should be punished as the law demands: fined, sent home, and allowed to enter legally. The legal should be screened for security threats. However, consider for a moment the effect that strict quotas and porous boarders create. First, many law-abiding citizens in other countries are excluded from coming to our country. It is the lawless that come and cause only more crime. Secondly, by increasing the pressure to come here illegally we make it increasingly easy for terrorists to come slip in instead of systematically checking each new applicant through legal channels now almost non-existent.

Please meet Adriana Sari, a friend, and exceptional example of American immigration arrogance. A Christian college girl with a round face, dark hair, and an infectious smile, she paid $400 and traveled hundreds of miles to apply twice to come to our country from Ecuador and study at a Bible school. Twice rejected. Twice no reason given. Twice heart-broken. And she knows English.

Matt Wolking argued in the last dear Source that the American melting pot is disappearing. If by melting pot we mean our English language, I have yet to meet an immigrant who does not want to learn English; almost all their children prefer to speak English. Some immigrants in PHCs own kitchen spend their work breaks learning English. If by melting potwe mean those values essential for democracy, I have yet to meet an immigrant who agrees with homosexual marriage, or anarchy. If by melting pot we mean religious background, the vast majority of immigrants have very similar religious beliefs to the thousands of immigrants who poured in from Europe.

According to the Heritage Foundation roughly 900,000 people receive permanent residence visas under current law each year. This constitutes only a fraction of the actual number of people who wish to enter the United States. There are at least 500,000 who right now enter the United States illegally, while thousands more wait patiently for their visa to be approved, and many more don't even try. As Christians our outlook must be bigger than America. We are commanded to care for the foreigner. There is no better way to do this than lifting the lamp beside the golden door.