Saturday, March 3

Llift the Lamp

Below is an article I wrote for my school paper. Thought you all might like to read it.

Lets again say that you own a stadium. It seats 100,000 and millions want to get in for the game yet you exclude all except for 40,000 seats for VIP members. You have a problem with people entering illegally to the game but dont even offer to sell tickets to those who want to enter legally. That is the American immigration policy.

We have a need for new workers, we depend on immigrants to run our economy, counting on them to drive growth and support our aging population, yet set up a system that blocks them from entering legally and begs them to steal across our back door deserts. Our answer to the illegal immigration problem should begin with extending a hand of welcome to an increased number of people who want to come into the United States legally instead of only complaining about the number of illegal immigrants while silently benefiting from their contribution. Do build a fence, but build it with a door and a welcome sign.

America has become hypocritical. Emma Lazaruss The New Colossus should be sandblasted and put the following put in its place:

The New Statute of Liberty

Just like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With blocking walls from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset, gates shall stand.
A mighty bureaucracy with a torch whose flame,
Is burnt hopes of imprisoned exiles, and its name.
Big brother INS. From its beacon-hand, emails world-wide visa waits, its superior eyes command.

Keep ancient poor, your storied refuse of your teeming shore cries it
With sneering lips. Give me you rich, your doctors,
Only your educated who blow out wit,
Limited quotas from your teeming shores
I shoot those who swim the Rio Grand ditch
Ive slammed shut the golden door!

Many of my ancestors still saw and felt the original inscription when they first saw the beacon-hand in the 1800s. It should strike most as ironic that a nation made up almost completely of immigrants should be so opposed to immigration. It seems difficult to see these immigrants as anything but an asset to the United States. Many have argued that the immigration during the late 1800s and early 1900s provided the manpower that won WWI and WWII.

It is not about defending the lawless. They should be punished as the law demands: fined, sent home, and allowed to enter legally. The legal should be screened for security threats. However, consider for a moment the effect that strict quotas and porous boarders create. First, many law-abiding citizens in other countries are excluded from coming to our country. It is the lawless that come and cause only more crime. Secondly, by increasing the pressure to come here illegally we make it increasingly easy for terrorists to come slip in instead of systematically checking each new applicant through legal channels now almost non-existent.

Please meet Adriana Sari, a friend, and exceptional example of American immigration arrogance. A Christian college girl with a round face, dark hair, and an infectious smile, she paid $400 and traveled hundreds of miles to apply twice to come to our country from Ecuador and study at a Bible school. Twice rejected. Twice no reason given. Twice heart-broken. And she knows English.

Matt Wolking argued in the last dear Source that the American melting pot is disappearing. If by melting pot we mean our English language, I have yet to meet an immigrant who does not want to learn English; almost all their children prefer to speak English. Some immigrants in PHCs own kitchen spend their work breaks learning English. If by melting potwe mean those values essential for democracy, I have yet to meet an immigrant who agrees with homosexual marriage, or anarchy. If by melting pot we mean religious background, the vast majority of immigrants have very similar religious beliefs to the thousands of immigrants who poured in from Europe.

According to the Heritage Foundation roughly 900,000 people receive permanent residence visas under current law each year. This constitutes only a fraction of the actual number of people who wish to enter the United States. There are at least 500,000 who right now enter the United States illegally, while thousands more wait patiently for their visa to be approved, and many more don't even try. As Christians our outlook must be bigger than America. We are commanded to care for the foreigner. There is no better way to do this than lifting the lamp beside the golden door.