Tuesday, March 6

Ron Kind: Exercise or Else!

Kind must have thought that when Bush talked about No Child Left Behind, he was talking about some sort of physical race they were going to enter in. It's all figurative Ron. Nonetheless, your wonderful Congressman still found reason to milk more money out of the metaphor. Ron Kind has proposed spending more tax dollars and counting the steps school children make in their exercise program. Kiddos, its the state calorie and exercise police. Sounds like 1984 when everyone had to do their exercises in front of the screen.

The House bill would amend No Child Left
Behind to provide a national guideline for minimum standards for health
and fitness in schools. It also would require physical education
assessments for students starting in the 2009-10 school year.

enacted the measure would cost $30
million in 2009, $70 million in 2010 and $100 million a year from 2011
through 2013, according to estimates.

bill also would
create a best-practices model for schools in the Department of
Education and set up a competitive grant program for state agencies
seeking to revise their physical education programs.