Tuesday, March 6

Wheels for Life

According to Lifenews.com ultrasounds are going to be offered right at the doorstep of New York Abortion Clinics. While still using the older version perhaps a mother might be able to see her child similar to the one above and save a life.

In what is billed as a first of its kind in the nation, a New York City crisis
pregnancy center has sent a mobile pregnancy clinic to set up shop outside of an
abortion business. The converted motorhome features a portable ultrasound unit
and will have staff members who can assist women with unplanned
The Expectant Mother Care center plans to park the motorhome at major
abortion facilities six days a week to give women other options apart from
abortion. "Today marks a dramatic new chapter in the pro-life movement's efforts
to reach out in compassion to women about to obtain an abortion," EMC founder
and president Chris Slattery told LifeNews.com in a statement.

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Anonymous said...

Please remove and refrain from using the ultrasound of my son to express your views. Thank you