Monday, April 23

Past Carhart

Eliminating the partial-birth abortion might have eliminated one of the most human ways they kill pre-born children. It's like eliminating the thumb screws while still having the rack. The preferred method of destruction at this age is the one in which the child is pulled apart with a long toothed clamp. It is called a D abortion or a dilation and evacuation abortion. Yet to the average citizen his is like saying you are having an Y procedure: absolutely nothing. I'm looking for a good term for this abortion. Dismemberment and Extraction Abortion perhaps??

If you have the guts, be informed.

The unmentionable

The pro-death camp doesn't even like to hear the word abortion. They criticized the Supreme Court when they referred to the doctors as abortion doctors. Why the offense? What were they suppose to call them, pro-choice physicians? Abortion is about the least biased term possible.

Wednesday, April 18

Scotus Blog

PHC Accredited!

PHC now has the fuller recognition of what has been going on for many years.

Another reason to celebrate.

TRACS’ recognition of PHC as a fully accredited Christian academic
institution culminates the school’s four-year “candidacy status” with
the accrediting agency, and positions the College for future growth and
success, said PHC President Graham Walker.

Testifying before the commission for approximately 45 minutes on
Tuesday were President Walker, Provost Gene Edward Veith, Dean of
Institutional Assessment Laura McCollum, and Chancellor Michael Farris.
Each fielded a series of questions related to recent leadership changes
at PHC, new governance protocols and policies and issues related to
self-assessment and faculty empowerment. After answering questions, the
PHC contingent, which included Assessment Coordinator Naomi Harralson
and PHC Director of Communications David Halbrook, was asked to leave
the board room. After a five minute break, the commission called them
back in and, with a smile and hearty congratulations, TRACS Commission
Chairman Boyd C. Rist announced, “We are pleased to grant Patrick Henry
College full accreditation with the Transnational Association of
Christian Colleges and Schools.”

Tuesday, April 17

Too Close

Lovettsville is just down the road from me.


"John and Jennifer Shourds of Lovettsville, Va. demanded the immediate firings of University President Charles Steger and Virginia Tech Campus Police Chief W.R. Flinchum who he said "screwed up" the handling of separate shooting incidents that left 33 students dead, including the shooter."

I don't know anyone at the campus but there are many families that I know in the area that have kids there. You can feel the shock even in this area.

Friday, April 13

Stop Dependence on the Middle East: Eat French Fries!

and put the grease in your car.

"Paul Simon, Manitowoc, has been running his 1982 diesel powered Mercedes-Benz 240D sedan with filtered, used vegetable oil for two years.

Simon, 50, purchased a conversion kit from and spent between 8 to 10 hours installing the kit in his car.

Simon, who picks up his cooking oil from area restaurants and then strains it before running it in his vehicle, said his car normally gets about 25 mpg and has about 2 percent to 5 percent less gas mileage when burning the oil. "

Thursday, April 12

SoulForce and PHC

So, they came and left today. On campus except for the extra demonstration of security to keep anything violent from happening, all proceeded as normal. I ate, I had classes, I studied.

Soulforce is not at all about having a conversation. If they were only about that there are plenty of legitimate ways to make contact without having news conferences and staging everything to look good on the nightly news. That is not the way to have a conversation. It was a political publicity stunt pure and simple.

Anyone who visits this blog knows that I am more than willing to discuss the issue of homosexual behavior and will continue to do so. However, it defeats your purpose of any sort of conversation if you only do it to get covered.

Below is another students experience from another Soulforce visit:

I'm graduating from a private, conservative religious university this month, and I've had personal contact with SoulForce.

I have only pity for them, and absolutely no tolerance for their ridiculous antics.

They've come twice to my campus. Last year, the campus welcomed them to debate and "dialogue" with students, but insisted they comply with campus rules. They weren't allowed to badger anybody, or to pass out fliers in any of the buildings on campus.

They cared nothing for "dialogue". They yelled and screamed at people passing by, they showed no regard for university policy (established long ago) and cared for one thing: arrest. They wanted to be escorted off campus, and preferably arrested, to get media play.

This year, the university simply said no. They came anyway, and trespassed, and yelled and hollered, and were escorted off campus

Friday, April 6

Stop Porn, Support Blu-ray

Even in the battle over what will be the next-generation DVD morality comes into play.
"Blu-ray backer Sony Corp.(6758.T) blocked manufacturers from producing porn DVDs in that format -- a move that some say has pushed adult film studios into the camp of HD-DVD camp led by Toshiba Corp. (6502.T)"