Wednesday, April 18

PHC Accredited!

PHC now has the fuller recognition of what has been going on for many years.

Another reason to celebrate.

TRACS’ recognition of PHC as a fully accredited Christian academic
institution culminates the school’s four-year “candidacy status” with
the accrediting agency, and positions the College for future growth and
success, said PHC President Graham Walker.

Testifying before the commission for approximately 45 minutes on
Tuesday were President Walker, Provost Gene Edward Veith, Dean of
Institutional Assessment Laura McCollum, and Chancellor Michael Farris.
Each fielded a series of questions related to recent leadership changes
at PHC, new governance protocols and policies and issues related to
self-assessment and faculty empowerment. After answering questions, the
PHC contingent, which included Assessment Coordinator Naomi Harralson
and PHC Director of Communications David Halbrook, was asked to leave
the board room. After a five minute break, the commission called them
back in and, with a smile and hearty congratulations, TRACS Commission
Chairman Boyd C. Rist announced, “We are pleased to grant Patrick Henry
College full accreditation with the Transnational Association of
Christian Colleges and Schools.”