Tuesday, May 15

Searching the Universe for Pork

Spot the alien:

$1,500,000 added by the House for the Allen Telescope Array at the University of California, Berkley. This telescope is part of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI). SETI’s website boasts about the telescope’s potential to help uncover extraterrestrial life and its strength as a radio telescope. The website fails to mention any defense-related mission, unless the telescope will alert us to an alien attack. It is no wonder that we have to look for intelligent life elsewhere after seeing how Congress spends our money.


James Brown said...

I don't understand. Do you think that the gov only funds defense-related programs?

Lucas said...

No not just defense but I do think that it should only fund programs that benefit Americans. It really makes no material difference if we find some alien in far off space. Leave it to science, not the government.

Jake said...

I guess you should define "benefit" for us Lucas. Do you mean put money in our pockets? I think that is what you mean. Where do you stand on funding for the arts? Some things have an intrinsic value.