Tuesday, May 22

Sex Selection and Selective Reduction

Several recent articles have made the change in the abortion debate abundantly clear. First, the anti-life left now openly admits that what the mother is destroying is a life humanity. "Believe me they know" Dan Neil finally admits in this Los Angeles Times article. Secondly, there is a reemergence of eugenics philosophy. Babies are killed who are not the right sex or that might have a genetic trait that makes it more susceptible to certain aliments. This was clearly brought to the forefront in a recent article in the Washington Post that talks about couples who have undergone fertility treatments. When more than the desired number "take" some are then selectively reduced. That is they kill off the ones that are less desirable.

We have come to selecting the best and killing off the rest without any twinge of conscience. It makes one want to throw up there hands and wonder what the world is coming to.

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