Wednesday, June 6

An Edenic Spring

Traditional environmentalist have both a celebration and yet a hidden guilt in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Rachel Carlson who wrote

Silent Spring and launched much of the present environmentalist movement. Today's environmentalist celebrates what Rachel Carlson did yet at the same time silently moans over one more nasty human how now inhabits the world to pollute and destroy its pristine natural beauty. Humans are the problem and nature left to itself is the solution so the classic environmental theme goes. Humans must make as small footprint as possible. (Note my footprint is 14 acres so they say.)

But from a Christian perspective, the environment is looked upon in a decidedly different manner. Humans are not the parasite but the purpose for the world. Every square inch of the planet is to serve us and if an area has not been brought under dominion we've got work to do. Don't start thinking of slash and burn. That's hardly dominion if there is nothing left to rule over. It's more like a garden. We tend and nourish every last bit so that it can benefit us. Every inch is monitored and nurtured not deserted and neglected in untouched wilderness. For as much as many would deny it, nature left to itself works toward destruction. Think of something like red root pigweed. There are many regulating futures installed by the grace of God into this slow destruction but left to itself, nature would be worse off not better. A Christian's goal should never be to leave as little evidence of our existence but to cultivate, and nurture every last part of nature in protection from itself and humans equally.

Humans must save the earth and the first thing they must do is not go extinct themselves. We are the gardeners, the garden made for us.