Monday, July 23

The Censure without a case

Feingold has one foot on the impeachment band-weagon and appears poised to make the final leap when needed. He wants Bush censured.  Fine, I mean Fein. Let him go over the cliff with it. So what has Bush done wrong? He has not won the war in Iraq. And has "assault[ed] the rule of law." Ok. In his opinion. But censure should be about disciplining the unethical not for disagreeing with a policy position.

So let's say that the Congress doesn't like the immigration bill. The Senate has mismanaged the problem in Congresses' eyes. Do members of the Senate get censured. Or impeached? Just because Bush is low in the polls is no reason to try an impeachment. That's for high crimes and misdemeanors. Censure is political impeachment and should not be used as a political tool. It's Feinmud not Feingold I'm seeing here.