Wednesday, July 4

Domestic Benefits for my Pets Please!

The Senate action recently to add domestic partner benefits is not only confusing as a law, but everyone talking about it seems confused and misleading about what they are trying to advocate.

“We believe strongly that domestic partner health benefits are a critical competitive issue for attracting and retaining campus talent, and we appreciate the Senate’s efforts to add it to the budget,” says University of Wisconsin–Madison Chancellor John Wiley.

Yeah, why in the world would adding these domestic partner health benefits keep any more talent than adding any other perk to some special group of individuals? Why not just add pet health? Like adding any perk to a compensation package for campus employees pet health has just as likely a chance of "retaining campus talent" as domestic partner benefits. Or else for some reason those who have domestic partners are better workers, better talent by virtue of their unmarried status. Scary. But not beyond UW thought.

For that matter opening health care benefits to any "partner" opens up a pandora's box of scam possibilities with people claiming some roommate is now a "domestic partner."

The Assembly would show leadership by throwing out this poor policy, in support of a perverse lifestyle.