Monday, July 9

Impeachment craziness

There has been increased talk about impeaching the president and all of it is terrible silliness come about because many liberals are still smarting after Clinton embarrassed them and lied under oath and got impeached for the felony. Enter Libby. He does the same thing: lies under oath. He gets slapped with a felony and prison sentence and when Bush (totally legally and Constitutionally) pardons him the liberals count it up as one more reason to impeach him.

It is so old to have to counter the old 51% makes right idea. We live under the rule of the Constitution not the mob. Something to help democrats out: there is nothing that you can impeach the president over. Zip. But that might not stop an impeachment of simply an unpopular president. It didn't help Andrew Johnson.


Sacchiel said...

Even when it is not relevant to the original issue and nothing at all with exposing a covert agent. *sighs*

Marcus Aurelius said...

Impeachment is a political process.

The guidelines are vague and if the opposition was sufficiently outraged the President served velveeta cheese to another head of state instead of a fine and old cheddar, then they can impeach him for it.

If the Democrats can get the will and votes to do it so be it. Of course, I am opposed to them in that endeavor and think it will harm them and the nation. Especially when their statements were just as bellicose prior (if not more so) to the Iraq war.

Sacchiel, you need to talk to Mr.s Powell and Armitage about exposing a covert agent.