Wednesday, August 22

The Canadian Man"ning"

Charles Manning is an intriguing example of a solid Christian who worked as a Premier of Alberta (Canada) even while having a weekly "Back to the Bible Hour" radio program. His legacy on the structure of the Alberta economy and moral conservatism remains until today. A real witness.

"This world will at last come into a time of peace," the Premier of Alberta said last week. "The earth will be as full of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."

As he does every Sunday, Premier Ernest Charles Manning had stepped out of his role as boss of oil-booming Alberta, and assumed his other position as head of the Prophetic Bible Institute in downtown Calgary. To some 250 people, who had braved 12°-below-zero weather to hear him, the pale, slender politician preached in a twangy, compelling voice. Calgary's radio station CFCN carried his weekly Back to the Bible Hour to the rest of Alberta.Pupil & Master. Ernest Manning's blending of religion and politics had its beginning one Sunday afternoon 23 years ago. He was a Saskatchewan farm boy when he first heard a broadcast from Calgary by William ("Bible Bill") Aberhart, radio evangelist. Two years later, after listening to Aberhart every Sunday, he set out for Calgary to enroll as a student at Aberhart's Prophetic Bible Institute.