Wednesday, August 22

GOOD music

Even as Wal-Mart tries to launch itself into the music industry with
lower prices and better quality (think MP3s at $.88 instead of apples
$.99) it keeps its morality too. Wal-Mart has decided to retain its in
store policy of only selling censored music. Well Wal-mart guarantees
nothing one wonders just what qualifies as offensive, the simple effort
and pursuit of good is worth being thankful for.

See here:

a bit hard to believe that all the customers who shop at the world's
largest retailer want censored versions of music, though, but that's
what they get. Only edited versions of albums with parental advisories
are available, just as they are in Wal-Mart's offline stores. This
isn't a new policy; Wal-Mart's online music store has carried only
edited versions for years, but it's worth pointing out to potential new
users tempted by the lower prices and lack of DRM.