Friday, August 31

High Heel Totes

With the knowledge that I am rushing where angles fear to tread I wish to make one small contribution to ladies fashion. If I offend I ask your simple apology before I begin. Fool though I may be, please understand ladies, that it is from simple concern for your comfort and safety that I propose the high-heel tote.

The need is all too obvious. High heels must be closely related to Chinese foot binding. Invented to be sure at the high water mark of the Spanish Inquisition, until now they fulfilled the role of the thumbscrew of the feet.

The solution is elegant yet simple. A decorative strap slipped over the shoulder that attaches to your high fashion heels. By all means wear those heels while you are sitting. But when you need to make tracks, make tracks and not pock marks. No more pinched toes, no more broken arches. At the same time your exquisite sense of fashion and coordination is there for all to admire—slung over your should mind you. By this means, whenever you have to walk, you carry your stilettos instead of torturing your feet to transport them. I have even thought possible (although this still needs development) tote matching slippers that can be worn inside of the heels or stored in the purse to be used whenever you need to take a hike from Town Hall to Founders.

I have no patent. My concern is for you. My email address is lpillman at for your high heel totes.

(Pictures perhaps soon)

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