Wednesday, August 1

The Misquoted Sex-Ed Study

That's the
Mathmatica one that should not really be used.

Abstinence opponents cite the narrow Mathmatica report as evidence against abstinence education. But a principal researcher of the study states results shouldn't be used to draw sweeping conclusions, in part because the study evaluated only four of 700 abstinence programs. The relatively new programs targeted young adolescents and provided no follow-up. The real "take away" from this research is targeting youth at only young ages is not enough, and as is true of any health message, abstinence must be reinforced throughout the teen years.


Studies show "comprehensive" programs do little more than promote contraceptive use, spending less than 5% of their course time promoting abstinence. A recent Health and Human Services study found that "comprehensive" programs exaggerate the effectiveness of condoms and encourage a false sense of protection.

And that is why it is time to take action to make sure that sex education teaches about the only way to 100% to deal with STIs unwed mothers etc--Abstinence.