Monday, September 10

Military Success? Take a Poll.

So in news reports after the so called "Big Week" of WW II bombing of Germany the American people want to find out how successful it was. Of course they take a poll of Americans. Right.

But that is just what they do today to try and find out the success of the war in Iraq.
An AP-Ipsos survey found that only 36 percent of those questioned believe the troop increase has helped stabilize Iraq. That was up only marginally from 32 percent in February, as the buildup was beginning.

Looking at what General Petraeus has to say about the matter might have been more insightful. Just like it would have been better to try asking one of the generals during WWII. And Petraeus even according to the AP report listed gains such as disrupting Shia militia, capturing leaders, and even troop reductions. I think every American can welcome that, and trust his timing more than a poll of the American people.

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