Friday, November 30

Ford Endeavor are hot

I came across this amazing picture by Ford. If read is a certain way it really makes fun of all the global warming hype. The picture came out in an ad campaign in India. If you look carefully you can see some polar bears (the global warming icon) on a little melting ice berg as the Ford Endeavor
breaks the ice.

Of course the whole picture was sacrilege to the human induced CO2 limiting enviro-nuts but a laugh to the polar bears who actually have been doing better in a little bit warmer earth (according to environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg in his book Cool it) and for Wisconsinites who will welcome the longer growing season and shorter winters. Unfortunately at the rate we are warming it will be years before we see much change, and even driving SUV's won't do much to change the climate.

Doing a little math I figured that if I could assume that the enviro-nuts were correct that driving the beast is warming the earth, I would need to drive it 1.04E14 or 1 with 14 zeros after it miles to double the rate of global warming. (This is about this about 4,000 million times around the earth) I'm afraid that is just a bit too far.

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Thursday, November 29

Henry Hyde: The Definition of Eloquence and Statesman, RIP

Henry Hyde will be remembered for two things: his amendment to keep federal Medicaid funds from being used to fund abortions and for his persuasive defense of the rule of law during the impeachment hears of President Clinton for perjury.

I can remember listening to the historic impeachment hearings with a consistent change between the wonder of clarity and the frustration of denial depending on who spoke. Hyde always shone clear. The most memorable was his "catch the falling flag" reminder. In honor of this great man who served as a representative from Illinois for many years passed away today at the age of 84 read the eloquence and persuasion of a man who knew his convictions, knew of the importance of an office and and was willing to speak up for them in the face of opposition.

Mr. Speaker, my colleagues of the people's House, I wish to talk to you
about the rule of law. After months of argument, hours of debate, there
is no need for further complexity. The question before this House is rather
simple. It's not a question of sex. Sexual misconduct and adultery are
private acts and are none of Congress' business.

It's not even a question of lying about sex. The matter before the House
is a question of lying under oath. This is a public act, not a private
act. This is called perjury.

The matter before the House is a question
of the willful, premeditated, deliberate corruption of the nation's system
of justice. Perjury and obstruction of justice cannot be reconciled with
the office of the president of the United States.

The personal fate of the president is not the issue. The political fate
of his party is not the issue. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is not
the issue. The issue is perjury -- lying under oath.

The issue is obstruction
of justice, which the president has sworn the most solemn oath to uphold.

That oath constituted a compact between the president and the American
people. That compact has been broken. The people's trust has been betrayed.
The nation's chief executive has shown himself unwilling or incapable of
enforcing its laws for he has corrupted the rule of law - - the rule of
law -- by his perjury and his obstruction of justice.


Listen, it's your country. The president is our flag bearer.

He stands out in front our people when the flag is flowing. Catch the
falling flag as we keep our appointment with history.

I yield back.

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