Friday, November 30

Ford Endeavor are hot

I came across this amazing picture by Ford. If read is a certain way it really makes fun of all the global warming hype. The picture came out in an ad campaign in India. If you look carefully you can see some polar bears (the global warming icon) on a little melting ice berg as the Ford Endeavor
breaks the ice.

Of course the whole picture was sacrilege to the human induced CO2 limiting enviro-nuts but a laugh to the polar bears who actually have been doing better in a little bit warmer earth (according to environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg in his book Cool it) and for Wisconsinites who will welcome the longer growing season and shorter winters. Unfortunately at the rate we are warming it will be years before we see much change, and even driving SUV's won't do much to change the climate.

Doing a little math I figured that if I could assume that the enviro-nuts were correct that driving the beast is warming the earth, I would need to drive it 1.04E14 or 1 with 14 zeros after it miles to double the rate of global warming. (This is about this about 4,000 million times around the earth) I'm afraid that is just a bit too far.

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Jake said...

Nothing is wrong, besides even if their is something wrong, I as one person certainly couldn't do anything about it.

I got to love the the use of a statistician and a main denier of GW. A less than reputable one at that:

"Maybe Lomborg’s just stupid—or perhaps he’s dishonest. For the record, here’s how Time’s Andrew Goldstein reviewed his controversial book, The Skeptical Environmentalist:

GOLDSTEIN (8/26/02): The book, which was published in English last year, became a best seller, and conservatives worldwide use its ideas to justify inaction on such issues as deforestation and global warming. "...

Some scientists say they initially hoped to ignore Lomborg but in the wake of his book's popularity have reacted with a fury rarely seen in academia. Peter Raven, chairman of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, calls Lomborg "the prime example in our time of someone who distorts statistics and statements to meet his own political end." A dozen esteemed environmental scientists, including Raven and Harvard's Edward O. Wilson, are demanding that Lomborg's publisher cut him loose..."

What find so dispiriting is your unwillingness to actually look and what true scientist in the field believe and instead focus on the few quacks who either show nothing to support their opinion or distort and cherry pick bits that seem to show their analysis is correct, when just a little deeper digging will expose them for the hacks they are. Lucas, you are allowing your ideology to blind you to any kind objective reason regarding this issue. I don't consider myself old, but you are much younger than me and you will be forced to face the coming reality of the world we are shaping. I am sure many more children will because of the climate change then could ever be "killed" by abortion.

jacob jones said...
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