Friday, December 21

Edwards and Obama Advocate Tax Funded Abortion, Sex-Ed for Adolesents

Think the Democrats are softening on abortion? Not so.

See what John Edwards says:

"I support public funding of abortion services for low-income women. While in the Senate, I voted against restrictions on funding for abortions for federal employees and District of Columbia residents."

"I oppose any effort to restrict abortion as an option for women who depend on the government for their health care needs."

"I also oppose the Child Custody Protection Act and other measures that unduly burden a young woman's right to choose..."

(The Child Custody Protection Act kept young children from being taken over state lines to avoid parental consent. E.g. the widely publicized 1995 case in which a 12-year-old Pennsylvania girl became pregnant after sexual involvement with an 18-year-old man and the man's mother took the girl for an abortion in New York.)

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: "No, federal tax dollars should not endorse or support programs that
knowingly include medically or scientifically inaccurate information
and that mislead and intimidate women."

And Obama:

Parental Consent:
Q:Does Sen. Obama support adolescents' access to... reproductive health services, without having to seek permission from their parents?
A: "Yes. As the father of two daughters, Senator Obama understands that parents do not want to imagine their teenage child might need to seek counsel on reproductive health."

"Senator Obama believes that reproductive health care is basic health care. His health care plan will create a new public plan, which will provide coverage of all essential medical services. Reproductive health care is an essential service...."

Safe, legal and rare? Not this time. More like tween, no option, universal abortion health care.