Monday, December 10

Why (not) Huckabee.

The question on everyones mind about presidential politics right now is why Huckabee has risen so quickly and decisively to the top of the Republican contenders. In many ways his rise is the predictable outcome of the past 10 years of presidential politics rather than a diversion. Republicans were looking for two things in their candidate: Solid conservative credentials, and the ability to communicate those ideals. There are few conservatives that have given up on any of the conservative ideas that propelled the republican party to victory in early 2000. Nor have Americans rejected these ideas. Right to life? Just look to the young generation. Values? Why are the Democrats even touting it? Lower taxes and less government are seen as the problem not the solution. Huckabee (while probably the most vulnerable on the limited government front) has a solid social record, so that makes him attractive. But just as importantly, he is seen as an articulate spokesman on behalf of these ideas. He's funny, but even more, he enjoys the media and has effectively outwitted most of their attempts to trip him up (esp. on religion). With the failure that the Bush White House has often had with communication conservatives are ready to find a candidate who will not only share their views but be able to communicate them.

Romney got dumped because he was only a conservative convert. No enthusiasm there. Fred Thompson got a hard look. He took great conservative stands, but failed when it came to the communication front. Enter Huckabee, and the patient voters are liking what they see and for good reason.